Villa Precast Facade Applications

Villa structures tend to have a more decorative style compared to regular residential homes. Since they are generally standalone structures, owners can determine the building elements according to their own tastes. They can also be constructed in a common style as a project. Unlike regular residential homes, villas may have larger living spaces. Therefore, the […]

How Durable Are Precast Buildings?

In the construction process, a variety of building materials are used. Precast, one of the varieties that has come from the past to the present, now offers much stronger structures thanks to technological advancements. Today, it is a building material that can be seen in individual residences, corporate buildings, public areas, transportation, or building foundations. […]

What is Precast Water Insulation?

The most significant advantage of precast, which is increasingly used in construction, is undoubtedly the thermal insulation it provides. In ensuring the highest efficiency of this process, precast waterproofing at the junction points during the installation stage is crucially important. These are applied to the joints of the facade panels. If proper procedures are not […]

Differences between Precast Panel and Shell Precast

In the construction sector, precast, one of the new generation concrete systems, has become the favorite of both companies and users due to the time and low budget it provides. Precast offers different options for exterior cladding. The use of panels can be preferred as precast panel and shell precast. Both have different advantages in […]

Precast Installation System

Precast, which has become the favorite of both construction companies and users with the advantages it provides in the construction field, is considered essential for creating a healthier and more comfortable living space. The designation of precast as a new generation concrete system is influenced by the materials it contains. The preparation of precast facade […]

How to Calculate Precast Quantity

Precast, one of the most popular products in building materials in recent times, offers various advantages for both construction companies and users. Precast can be seen in every building. However, there is a point to be noted here, which, if overlooked, can affect the aesthetic appearance promised by precast. The mentioned precast measurement calculation can […]

What are the Features of Precast Coating

When constructing a building, we aim to achieve the best long-term efficiency. Efficiency refers to the process from the construction of the structures to the life within them. Meeting all these expectations is the new generation concrete system known as precast. It stands out in every stage of a structure with its materials, production process, […]

Precast Facade Formation Stages

Precast, which offers both insulation and durability in a single process in buildings, is an economical type of construction. This is because insulation, for example, has been added to other types of construction afterward. The equivalent of this is an extra burden on the structure. Additionally, some materials it contains can lead to an unhealthy […]

Precast Concrete Block

While precast construction is mostly associated with panel names, there are actually different production molds within this system. If precast concrete blocks are used, they serve as elements primarily in the construction process of walls. Thanks to the advantageous properties of precast, more reliable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces are created. These concrete blocks […]

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