Column Headings

In order to achieve the healthiest balance in the construction of structures, columns and pillars are used, which can also be chosen for their aesthetic designs. If desired, they can be used for decorative purposes not only in the interior but also in the exterior of buildings.

Column processes in precast, one of the new generation concrete systems, can be obtained with desired design molds. Within this system, molds requiring very fine craftsmanship can also be made, alongside the strength of the materials contained. With the special designs of BEONSAN in your column works, you can achieve a more aesthetic appearance in your structures.

Decorative Precast Column Capitals

With precast, we have started to gain advantages in all aspects of our structures. While applications that would burden the building in terms of thermal insulation or aesthetic appearance were preferred previously, with precast, these processes are completed with a single operation. In the precast facade stage, we can see processes for the external appearance such as windows, door edges, and window sills. We prefer to design these areas with precast soffits.

Precast panels are created with molds in the desired design, whether it’s a large area or a very small one. Precast concrete is more about the skeleton structure, meaning it affects the solidity of the work. Column capitals can also be made in desired dimensions with precast. However, a more decorative design can be obtained with molds for the top and bottom parts of the columns. Besides classical and modern styles, you can also use desired cultural architectural influences.

Advantages of Precast in Column Designs

Choosing precast in column designs provides advantages for both the production team and the user in every aspect.

For companies producing this process, it can be said that it is an operation that is obtained in a short time. The preparation of molds is both easy and can be done in every season. These structures are sturdy and resistant to impacts and adverse weather conditions. We can also list the advantages for the user in this way. It is a sturdy, more aesthetic, and less costly operation.

Additionally, there is a service such as 3D visualization in terms of column design. Users can create a preview by conveying the desired designs to the production team before the precast column process. With the most accurate column dimensions and header design, column capitals are ready to be mounted on the structure in a short time.

What Beonsan Offers in Column Capitals Processes

If a special design is requested before the column placement process in the architectural project, the design of the columns and column capitals is created in detail on programs. Both the suitability for the structure and the design requested by the users are taken into account here.

Precast columns are obtained by pouring into molds after the approval and control process. The header parts are also obtained in the same way. However, for this process, the necessity of a professional design and production team, and the most technological production machines, come to the fore.

With Beonsan, you can have a much more professional application in your column capitals designs. If you would like more detailed information about the processes, you can contact our company.

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