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Precast, which has been a part of our lives for many years, is one of the most advantageous processes for creating the difference we want in our structures. Moreover, it is more cost-effective compared to other processes and can be produced and assembled in all kinds of weather conditions.

We don’t only see Precast in exterior or concrete processes. In the Precast facade cladding stage, Precast soffit processes are also applied according to decorative preferences. These not only add a pleasant appearance but also contribute to insulation. Besides opting for a plain Precast in door soffit applications, you can also choose any design you desire.

Decorative Precast Door Jamb Applications

The decorative processes in the exterior part of our structures are explained in the soffit. Coverings protruding on the edges of doors and windows are obtained through the soffit process and applied to the structure.

The processes preferred in Precast facade applications are entirely left to the users and project managers. At this stage, previews of designs within the desired architectural form are created with 3D visualization. There are quite a few exterior soffit models to choose from. The company provides models for you or you can have your own designs drawn. It is highly recommended that the soffit models you determine for door soffits be compatible with the colors and door model you prefer in Precast processes. This way, a more pleasant decorative soffit is obtained.

Precast Door Jambs Providing Insulation Advantages

Another advantage of Precast is its provision of thermal and noise insulation. The door soffits and window soffits preferred in Precast facade cladding processes also contribute to the thermal insulation created by Precast.

The same processes applied in obtaining Precast are also applied in creating door soffits. Here, attention is paid to molding the design from the most accurate dimensions. If there are gaps that can let wind into the building at door and window edges, insulation cannot be achieved as desired. The same applies to soffit cladding processes as in the entire structure with Precast. Door soffits can be options exceeding 200 cm in some structures.

At this point, if there is a small calculation error, the desired result may not be achieved in appearance and insulation. If you want to complete your work in the most professional manner, be sure to check out the projects that Beonsan will offer you in exterior soffit processes.

Door Jambs That Will Make a Difference in Exterior Facades at Beonsan!

With Precast, you will gain advantages in every aspect in your homes, special projects, or public institution structures.

Along with the innovations brought by technology, we not only save time in building our structures but also obtain more modern and pleasant-looking buildings that are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and impacts. Precast becomes one of the most preferred concrete systems at this point. Within Precast cladding processes, you can give your structures the architectural forms you desire with a variety of decorative soffit options.

In such needs, Beonsan, which progresses customer satisfaction-oriented from start to finish, leaves very pleasant effects on your structures with exterior soffits.

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