Entrance Arcade and Pediments

In architectural exterior designs, various systems can be observed. Entry arches and pediments, which have remained influential from the past to the present, can reflect awe-inspiring designs with their solid forms when combined with precast.

When asked what an arch is in architecture, we can give examples of the row upon row of arch shapes that we frequently encounter. We can see them with covered tops and open sides. In arch processes used in entrances, either sequential arches or a limited number of arched processes can be applied only at the entrance. In addition, the pediment, also known as the entablature, refers to a decorative area above the arches.

Design Features and Advantages

Precast exterior cladding options for decorative finishes in your structures provide you with very aesthetic appearances. A wide range of building ornamentation options can be mentioned. Areas with rows of arched structures can answer the question of what an arch is. Pediments, which are preferred together with entry arches, can answer the question of what pediments are.

These are generally pyramid or triangular in shape. In addition to these, there are options such as flat-topped, round, curved, or pediments without skirts. Special treatments are applied to the edges with precast soffit processes. The arches are designed as walkways. Sequential arches can be an excellent choice for decorative exteriors.

If there is a large area, they can be very compatible with landscaping. They are also preferred in precast facade cladding processes. GRC, the most heard of with precast in the sector, offers unlimited options in design. It is resistant to earthquakes, rain, and impacts.

Applications of Entry Arches and Pediments

In precast, which has silica sand, white cement, alkali-resistant glass fiber, and water as its main materials and can be reinforced with other building materials if necessary, these processes add a solid and more aesthetic appearance to the structure.

If you want to have more processes done in your precast facade, arch and pediment processes can provide results beyond your expectations. To give examples of these processes, shopping malls, libraries, botanical gardens, institutional buildings, parks, indoor bazaars, etc., can be encountered in many places.

You can also benefit from these processes in your structures. You can have arch designs in the entrance of your house in the dimensions you desire and use the most elegant designs in pediment preferences. These applications will not only be stylish but also provide insulation and durability thanks to the materials contained in precast.

Aesthetic Building Ornamentation with Beonsan

Beonsan, which complements not only personal residential buildings but also many institutional buildings with desired architectural features within the precast sector, also brings the designs you want in exterior claddings to your structure.

With the option of 3D visualization, you can preview arches or pediments before the process and make better decisions about the designs. If you want to take advantage of the advantages offered by precast in aesthetic building ornamentation applications, you can contact Beonsan for more detailed information. You can also get an idea by browsing through our completed or ongoing projects on our website.

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