GRG Glass Fiber Reinforced Alfa Plaster

Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is a material specifically produced by Beonsan for interior projects, with a thickness of 10-14 mm. GRG is created by combining high-quality alpha plaster reinforced with fiberglass, giving it unique durability and lightweight properties. The use of GRG by Beonsan provides aesthetic and functional superiority, particularly in interior designs.

This material is ideal for showcasing Beonsan’s creative vision; because GRG, with its flexibility and excellent surface quality, allows for the implementation of complex design details and sophisticated architectural elements. GRG is used especially in ceiling decorations, wall panels, column coverings, and other decorative interior applications. Its lightweight facilitates the assembly process, resulting in faster and more efficient projects.

GRG produced by Beonsan is not only a technical solution but also an expressive tool that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of interiors. With its low environmental impact and high performance, GRG complements Beonsan’s sustainable and eco-friendly building approach. Each Beonsan GRG project adds unique character and elegance to spaces by combining the material’s technical superiority and visual appeal.

Bilgi Al