Monoblock Window and Door Precasts

We encounter precast structures more and more in today’s construction. Offering insulation from heat and noise, creating a stronger structure, and providing an aesthetic appearance, precast is one of the most favored concrete systems.

It can be chosen separately for various processes. One of these processes aiming to achieve an aesthetic appearance in exterior cladding is the cornice application. The monoblock method, known as making the desired design with a single mold, ensures a much more aesthetic appearance on doors and windows.

In buildings constructed with flat panels on the exterior, desired forms can be achieved with precast doors and precast windows using the monoblock method. Since only one mold is created here, it is advantageous in terms of production and cost.

Decorative Exterior Applications

Exterior applications in buildings can now be realized with less cost and processing. In precast exterior cladding applications, every desired advantage is transferred to the molds with a single process.

Insulation, aesthetic appearance, resistance to impacts or vibrations—all come together in a single process with the new generation concrete system, precast. In precast facade processes, preparation of the content, curing, transfer to molds, and assembly on structures take less time compared to other processes. Door and windowsills can also be created using the monoblock method in precast cornice style. The desired mold is presented to users with 3D visuals. The preferred mold is created in a short time and added to the structure with the advantage of simple assembly.

Fast and Cost-Effective Precast Processes

With precast processes, excessive load is not imposed on the structure. Mold forms are thinner compared to other processes. However, they bring along many more advantages compared to other systems.

While insulation is attempted with thicker forms in other systems, the insulation provided by insulated precast facade panels is in a thinner form. All the advantages users seek are provided within a single mold. Similarly, monoblock method is used for door and window precasts as well. These systems also offer high durability against negatives such as heat, wind, and impact.

Beonsan for Monoblock Window and Door Precasts!

There are numerous precast products you can choose for an existing or new building construction. Monoblock window precasts and monoblock door precasts can also be applied to sills in desired forms.

With its lightweight form, it also provides ease during production and transportation to the structure. You can determine a design according to the desired architectural feature in your own residential building or residential projects. You can also benefit from our 3D visualization service at Beonsan to better determine your design. You can contact our company for your precast or monoblock precast processes.

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