Precast Windows with Arches, Keystones and Windowsills

When constructing our buildings, we desire both durability and aesthetics. Precast, a next-generation concrete system, emerges as a system that can successfully achieve this in every stage of our buildings.

Not only for Precast facade, exterior design, and insulation but also in small areas, this system can be utilized. Models such as windowsills we see in window surrounds, arched, and keystone can be preferred. For these systems, the robust and aesthetic properties of Precast can also be utilized.

In Precast window sill processes, Precast  panels in the desired design can be produced to serve as window sills. Produced with white cement, silica sand, alkali-resistant fiberglass, Precast provides great benefits in windowsill processes where insulation is highly needed.

Precast Processes in Windows

The materials used in the production of Precast do not impose extra loads on the structure and can provide the desired aesthetics and strength. We do not only see Precast in processes such as facade cladding, Precast  concrete, or Precast  soffit.

Precast beam processes can also be carried out according to the design of the windowsill and window areas. Besides standard window designs, you can also opt for Precast in your arched window preferences. Since arched windows have more oval designs, different processes may be required to create them. Molds for Precast processes in windows are adjusted to these areas, and casting processes are carried out. Regardless of the size, you can bring the design you desire for windowsills to your structures.

Arched and Keystone Precast in Exterior Design

In window soffit processes, a very aesthetic style can be achieved with arched or keystone options in the external appearance. In Precast facade cladding processes, these options for window soffits can be added to the structure with the advantageous properties of precast.

As it is known, Precast materials provide many advantages to both the construction company and the users. The construction time can be shortened and unaffected by weather conditions, and the structure can be made ready in a short time. In the Precast facade cladding system, window sills and surrounds can also benefit from these properties of Precast . Window soffit processes can be carried out in oval, square, or desired designs.

Window Precasts Providing Insulation and Aesthetic Appearance

You can also see the insulation provided by Precast in window surrounds, door surrounds within the structure. In the Precast cladding method used for window Precast processes, arched and keystone, window Precasts with sills ensure the structure’s resistance to adverse weather conditions such as water and wind, especially. It can provide the most ideal temperature in both summer and winter by preserving the heat within the living spaces. Moreover, thanks to the sturdy form of Precast, these structures with aesthetic appearances are produced to be long-lasting. You can contact us for window Precast s that provide insulation and aesthetic appearance.

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