Eskisehir Precast

The precast, which stands out among concrete systems with its aesthetic appearance and durability, can be preferred for different construction processes in every city. In Eskisehir, precast processes such as cornice applications that can reflect the historical texture of the city, as well as insulation or precast facade processes, can be applied in various areas including residential areas, institutional buildings, and social and cultural spaces within the city.

Quality Eskisehir Precast Applications

The benefits provided by precast to our structures are countless. With a single process, it can bring along dozens of advantages.

These benefits could be used more with multiple applications before. However, significant progress has been made in the content and mold part of the process with technological advancements. In this system, where the healthiest and most robust materials are preferred, molds can be produced in desired designs. It not only beautifies your living spaces but also maximizes the comfort you will obtain from them.

Quality Eskisehir precast applications are also used in areas such as facades and landscapes with concrete base materials according to your preferences. Determining factors such as precast or Eskisehir precast prices can vary depending on the process.

Advantages of Precast Solutions in Eskisehir

For every city, precast can offer different solutions or construction methods for structures. In Eskisehir, where a harsh continental climate is experienced, insulation may be required in residential or corporate buildings. In Eskisehir facade cladding processes, insulation is generally preferred in precast facade panels. However, the advantages are not limited to just this.

  • It also provides sound insulation.
  • There is an infinite model option in exterior design.
  • Since it is in thin forms, it does not burden the building, providing a spacious area.
  • It is waterproof and windproof.
  • With its A1 non-flammable form, it is resistant to fires, and with its mono-fiber structure, it is resistant to impacts and earthquakes.

Our Eskisehir Precast Products

Eskisehir is one of the leading cities in the country among educational and cultural cities. With its historical past, it can carry traces of different cultures in structures. Precast processes can also reflect these cultural riches of the city onto any desired structure. Alternatively, support can be provided to your structures with more modern and classical models. The generally applied processes in precast operations in Eskisehir are;

  • Door jambs,
  • Columns and column capitals,
  • Arched and keyed window precasts,
  • Planters and vases,
  • Railings and balustrades,
  • Shell facade panels,
  • Islamic forms
  • Specially designed facade elements
  • Insulated facade panels
  • Entrance arches and pediments
  • Buttresses and knee walls

Eskisehir Exterior Cladding

In Eskisehir precast exterior cladding processes, factors such as durability are considered in addition to the aesthetic aspect of the job. During the creation of these systems, the most suitable molds are prepared during factory production.

Molds can be produced in desired sizes outside standard dimensions. Thus, no area is left untouched in the structures. Benefits provided by precast are utilized in every part of the structure. The skeleton system produced during the assembly is specific to the structure. Thus, desired aesthetic forms can be easily applied to the exterior facades of buildings.

Eskisehir Precast Facade Prices

Precast, which contains many advantages compared to others among construction systems, has started to be preferred not only globally but also in our country. Providing the benefits that other applications achieve with multiple processes with a single process saves time for both the construction company and the users.

Moreover, it is more cost-effective than other applications. As you search for Eskisehir exterior insulation companies, you can examine the sample works of Beonsan, which produces special projects for your structures. For information about Eskisehir exterior cladding prices or processes, you can contact our company.

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