Kayseri Precast

In both construction and landscaping areas, precast, which we have frequently encountered lately, brings along many advantages. Offering desired aesthetic forms along with the strongest structure, precast application can be preferred with different processes for each city.

In Kayseri, processes such as thermal insulation, precast facade, or precast concrete, which are needed in the city’s buildings, can also be chosen individually. You can also choose all processes in concrete and facade stages in the construction of a new building.

Precast Applications in Kayseri

Required building systems may vary in every city, influenced primarily by climate and terrain conditions. In cities where wind, hot, and cold weather have the most impact, it is desired to prevent them from affecting the ideal temperature in living areas. External thermal insulation cladding can be made to meet this need.

If there is a susceptibility to tremors due to terrain conditions and geological structure, processes with mono fiber materials are used in the basic concrete stages. For more aesthetic needs, there is also a precast cornice application. Here, you have the opportunity to create molds beyond a standard design. Precast applications in Kayseri can also be preferred according to the processes required in buildings.

Kayseri, which is a city of commerce, agriculture, education, and culture, also designs institutional buildings accordingly. You can benefit from the advantages provided by precast in your individual residences or special buildings.

Our Precast Products in Kayseri

Precast affects many stages in buildings. Depending on your needs, you can use it either in basic concrete processes or as insulation or cornice on the exterior facade. In Kayseri, special preferences can be made in these applications within the scope of the city’s required building processes. These applications include:

  • Thermal Insulated Facade Panel System
  • Cornices
  • Door Thresholds
  • Islamic Forms
  • Sunscreens
  • Arched and Sill Window Precasts with Keystones
  • Corner Coverings
  • Entrance Archways and Pediments
  • Corbels and Corbel Supports
  • Shell Facade Cladding Panels
  • GRC Shell Panels
  • Special Design Facade Elements

Kayseri Precast External Cladding

External cladding processes can include many procedures. At this stage, you can create molds of desired shapes for aesthetic appearance, use thermal insulation, or use thinner structure forms. In precast facade cladding processes, a production stage is followed according to the process required in the building.

If precast cladding will be preferred in flat designs, creating molds will be simpler. However, if cornices, corner coverings, or sill window precasts will be applied on these structures, there will be a separate process for designing the molds.

Kayseri Precast Application Prices

In precast, which is one of the popular concrete building systems of recent years, durability and aesthetic appearance are provided to your structures.

For your precast company search, you can examine sample works of Beonsan, which manages a professional process in project determination, 3D visualization, production, and application stages. You can contact our company for precast prices or the most suitable processes for your structures.

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