Beonsan manufactures all the molds required for producing forms designed by designers. From highly intricate carvings to curved elements, all mold details are made quickly and with high quality by Beonsan’s experienced and talented employees. This system not only allows architects to achieve all desired designs in the desired time and best quality in every project involving Beonsan but also provides a significant cost advantage.

  • Monoblock Window and Door Precasts
  • Arched and Keystone Window Precasts with Sill
  • Precast Floor Trims
  • Door Lintels
  • Precast Columns
  • Column Capitals
  • Corner Coverings
  • Balustrades, Railings, Handrails
  • Precast Planters and Vases
  • Entrance Arcades and Pediments
  • Buttresses and Corbels
  • Islamic Forms
  • Custom Design Facade Elements
  • Mold and Manufacturing of All Types of Architectural Forms
  • Shell Facade Cladding Panels
  • Thermal Insulation Facade Cladding Panels
  • Precast Steps
  • Precast Copings
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