“Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC), a standout in Beonsan®️’s product range, is one of the most notable materials in modern architecture. This concrete composite, strengthened with glass fibers, is produced in thicknesses ranging from 12-18 mm, offering excellent strength, lightness, and durability. Beonsan®️ utilizes the unique properties of GRC to create durable and aesthetically pleasing structural elements.

GRC is widely used in areas such as façade claddings, ornaments, panel systems, and architectural details. It is preferred for reducing structural loads, simplifying the installation process, and making projects more economical. Furthermore, its variety of color and texture options provide architects and designers with a broad creative scope. Beonsan®️ also emphasizes the eco-friendly features of GRC, committing to sustainable construction solutions.

Consequently, GRC from Beonsan®️ offers extensive design possibilities for each project, combining aesthetics and functionality, and becomes an integral part of sustainable architectural designs, imparting a unique story to every structure.”