Precast Capstone

The construction sector is a constantly evolving and renewing field. The quality and aesthetics of the materials used in this sector are critical to the success of projects. Using high-quality materials ensures that buildings are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, contractors and architects are very meticulous when selecting materials. Precast Capstone stands out both in terms […]

Precast Step

Among the new generation concrete systems, precast stands out for its durability and aesthetic appearance, and you can see it in almost all stages within living spaces. Besides being used for parts of houses such as columns, beams, and facade cladding, it can also be chosen for decorative purposes. Additionally, there is an option for […]

Precast Flower Pots and Vases

There are different processing privileges for precast to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Soffit processes can be used in both enclosed and open areas of your buildings. Precast concrete pots and vases are also one of these processes. Users who want to design flower beds for garden landscaping can benefit from aesthetic […]

Balustrade, Railing, Handrails

When constructing buildings, designs can be preferred based on a predetermined architectural feature. These can be chosen for various spaces, both indoor and outdoor. One element found in both the interior and exterior of architectural structures is railings. These are made using various materials such as aluminum, concrete, wood, and many others. Precast is also […]

Entrance Arcade and Pediments

In architectural exterior designs, various systems can be observed. Entry arches and pediments, which have remained influential from the past to the present, can reflect awe-inspiring designs with their solid forms when combined with precast. When asked what an arch is in architecture, we can give examples of the row upon row of arch shapes […]

Corner Coverings

Different designs can be implemented in every aspect of a structure. An example of this is the corner stones. In this method, also known as corner cladding, exterior cladding designs are achieved with a much more pleasing appearance. This method is also utilized in corner soffit processes in precast exterior cladding applications. This contributes to […]

Buttress and Knee Brace

In architecture, especially in structures such as mezzanines or oriels, which are referred to as projecting sections, buttresses and corbels are used to support them from below, and they can be made with different materials. When we look at our architectural culture, we see this technique particularly in wooden buildings. In processes preferred with concrete, […]

Column Headings

In order to achieve the healthiest balance in the construction of structures, columns and pillars are used, which can also be chosen for their aesthetic designs. If desired, they can be used for decorative purposes not only in the interior but also in the exterior of buildings. Column processes in precast, one of the new […]

Islamic Forms

Thanks to its special molds, precast, which provides the strongest and most aesthetic structure among the new generation concrete systems, also allows for desired architectural forms in special design facade preferences. You have the opportunity to choose from various architectural forms such as Roman, Renaissance, Turkish, etc. in precast mold designs. Islamic forms are also […]

Precast Column

Precast, which offers many advantages from production to assembly in building construction, can be used decoratively in every aspect of buildings. A prime example of this is precast column processes. When you look at the most important structures in history, the artistic designs of columns have always been mesmerizing. In fact, precast can be defined […]

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