What are the Exterior Cladding Types?

The construction industry and building sector in our country have shown remarkable development, ensuring flawless exterior cladding processes. Deformations on the exterior surfaces of buildings are eliminated through exterior cladding.

Thanks to high-quality and qualified companies in this field, buildings’ exteriors are covered with different materials, giving them a completely new appearance. Among the options for exterior cladding types are aluminum, mechanical, wood-like, PVC, American siding, brick wall cladding, natural stone facade cladding, and precast cladding.

What is Exterior Cladding?

Exterior claddings entail renewing the exteriors of buildings or other structures. Sometimes these renovation processes are carried out for reasons such as earthquake resistance, preventing the passage of hot or cold air into the interior. The application of these processes results in high-quality visual and functional outcomes for buildings. The selection of various building exterior types also adds durability to the structures.

Exterior Cladding Materials

The striking and appealing appearance of building exteriors adds value to structures. An exterior that looks old, worn-out, or dilapidated can deter preferences for a building. Moreover, the choice of cladding options will also affect the building’s robustness and durability. Options like exterior stone cladding give buildings a distinct style while enhancing their strength and durability.

What Are the Exterior Cladding Models?

For those who want to have their building exteriors clad, various types with different features are available. Options such as Flat Panel Cladding, Wood-Look Cladding, PVC Cladding, American Siding Cladding, Brick Wall Cladding, Natural Stone Facade Cladding, Precast Facade Cladding, Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding, and Mechanical Wall Cladding offer buildings and other structures a completely different visual appeal when the most suitable method is chosen.

Flat Panel Cladding

Among exterior cladding designs, one of the most preferred options is cladding with flat panels, where the exterior surface is covered with metal sheets.

Wood-Look Cladding

Among exterior cladding options in our country, one of the most unique options is wood-look cladding. Villas and other structures acquire a very different and distinctive appearance after wood-look cladding.

PVC Cladding

The highest quality cladding technique that protects structures from moisture and rust is PVC cladding. Plastic material is used with this system, which also has the property of being recyclable. Therefore, those who want to have cladding done at the most affordable prices can choose the PVC cladding technique.

American Siding Cladding

Siding material is a specially manufactured material. Since the material is resistant to heat and water, the highest quality technique used for exterior cladding is the American siding cladding option.

Brick Wall Cladding

One of the most striking wall cladding options in terms of exterior cladding types and features is the brick wall cladding model. Brick wall cladding is a labor-intensive cladding method. Therefore, its prices will be higher compared to other cladding options. Bricklaying with bricks by drawing joints between them is applied to the exterior of buildings.

Natural Stone Facade Cladding

One of the exterior surface cladding options for buildings and structures is natural stone facade cladding. This cladding system not only makes structures much more beautiful and impressive but also adds durability to them. Natural stone facade claddings, which create an extremely aesthetic design in terms of appearance, are also preferred for villa-style buildings.

Precast Cladding

Among exterior cladding options, precast cladding constitutes a high-quality option compared to all other cladding options in terms of durability. Exterior surfaces covered with precast cladding are resistant to earthquakes compared to other cladding options. In this regard, it has a higher price compared to other options. This system also provides great resistance against cold weather.

Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding

One of the most preferred options among exterior cladding options is aluminum composite panel cladding. Walls covered with this material look much more elegant, while also having the property of not transmitting heat. This ensures resistance and durability against cold weather in winter.

Mechanical Wall Cladding

Mechanical wall cladding is one of the preferred cladding options in our country. However, it is essential to choose companies that are professional in this field for the execution of this process. Mechanical wall cladding enables the use of different materials coming together in mechanical wall accents. Therefore, to receive the right service, it is necessary to choose companies that specialize in this field.

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