What is GRC?

GRC is considered one of the unique inventions in construction materials.

GRC; a concrete that is formed by mixing alkali-resistant special glass fiber cement, special silica sand, and chemical substances that give concrete superior characteristics, and spraying these into special molds with a spray system or premix system.

GRC mortar which has a water-cement ratio of 0.32, combines with alkali-resistant special glass fiber to form an excellent concrete with very high tensile, bending, rolling, and impact resistances compared to normal concrete.

Because of all these features; GRC concretes allow the production of precast elements in any form with a wall thickness of 1-1.5 cm; It offers designers unlimited creativity and detail solving opportunities. As it is light, it provides producers with

ease of fast production, assembly, and transportation. And again, it provides maximum durability against external effects with its high cement ratio and low water permeability.