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With the new generation concrete system precast, your buildings gain their aesthetic appearance and the most robust structure. Precast elements created with alkali-resistant glass fiber, silica sand, white cement and chemical concrete products are applied to your buildings as a result of the simplest processes. In this way, it continues to benefit not only as a robust and aesthetic gain, but also as a time-saving system.

Beonsan has the vision to shape the future of the industry as a global leader in the construction industry, providing innovative and sustainable solutions.


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Quality Certificates

Quality Certificates


Precast concrete, which can be defined as a new generation concrete system, contains washed silica sand, white cement, chemical concrete admixtures and alkali-resistant glass fiber products. Suitable for use in many building constructions, precast concrete stands out with its ease of production-assembly and durable use.

Thanks to its versatile properties, precast is used in many areas today. In general, precast is used in schools and hospitals, public institutions, tourism and sports facilities, individual residences and workplaces, infrastructure connections, bridges and many other areas where aesthetic appearance and durability are required.

Precast coating, which brings many advantages in terms of its features, is preferred in many areas. Among the reasons why precast coating is preferred; It is resistant to hot, cold, rain, windy weather conditions. Apart from these, it offers energy savings thanks to the heat and sound insulation it offers. Especially its light and durable form is the reason why it is preferred in many areas and structures, especially in earthquake zones.

With the increasing demand for precast services, the variety of companies serving in this field is increasing day by day. When choosing a precast company among this diversity, attention should be paid to the services offered by the company, company experience, references, material preference, having the necessary documents and authorizations, and the professionalism of the team and equipment.

The stages in the project processes where precast concrete structures are used, especially precast exterior cladding service, proceed as follows; Planning and project, project-specific precast mold works, precast assembly, joint filling and silicone processes, painting phase.

In precast, which is one of the most preferred systems in facade cladding processes, prices vary depending on many factors, especially the project. When examined in detail, among the factors that determine precast facade prices; We can count the quantity, project design, the use of ready-made molds or specially produced molds, material quality, service diversity, labor and project expenses.

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