İstanbul Precast

Precast  products, which we see in exterior facades and landscaping areas alongside building foundation constructions, not only add aesthetic appeal to the area they are used in but also provide sound, energy, and water insulation with their robust structure.

As a result, the demand for Precast  usage is increasing day by day. Precast  works in Istanbul are carried out in line with the city’s structure. Through these works, the buildings where the process is applied take their place among the architectural beauties of the city, along with their aesthetic appearance.

Our Istanbul Precast  Products

In construction works, there may be a preference for an aesthetic form in addition to a simple form in official, educational, or residential areas. Precast  products are also modern concrete systems that meet this demand for aesthetic appeal for every taste.

While Precast  concrete adds strength to the structure in the basic construction part, Precast  facades provide an aesthetic appearance with desired dimensions and motifs. They are resistant to wind and now provide much-needed insulation against heat and sound in all areas. Thus, they also contribute to energy savings. Among the Precast  products that provide an aesthetic appearance are:

  • Cornices,
  • Arched and Sill Window Precast s with Keystones,
  • Corner Coverings,
  • Entrance Archways and Pediments,
  • Corbels and Corbel Supports,
  • Islamic Forms,
  • Shell Facade Cladding Panels, which can be designed according to the desired architectural form of the building’s exterior.

In addition, Door Thresholds are mostly an indoor Precast  process. Columns and column capitals are frequently encountered in outdoor structures and can also be preferred in the exteriors of some large buildings.

There are also decorative planters and vases made with the Precast  system. Whether inside the structure or in areas such as stairs, railings, Balustrades, Railings, and Copings where the Precast  system is used, there are model options.

Special Design Facade Elements are also among the Precast  products demanded for your private residences or institutional needs. Additionally, Insulated Facade Cladding Panels can be separately preferred products in line with the insulation advantage provided by Precast .

Precast  Facade Cladding in Istanbul

When Precast  is chosen as a facade cladding, two different form options can be encountered: panels and decorative options. In the panel option, Precast  products are produced to achieve the desired insulation for the structure.

These products provide heat insulation with their wind and water-resistant structure. Especially with its sound insulation feature, they are among the most preferred products, especially in mass housing buildings.

In decorative usage, Precast  exterior cladding is produced. Desired shapes and motifs are obtained here and mounted on the building’s exterior. Precast  cornice processing is applied to give the desired shape.

When we look at the special motifs processed in exterior facades in ancient times, the special motifs, shapes given to the columns, door hangers, and special processes on balconies or stairs catch our attention. Precast  cladding is the modern version of these processes today.

The Place of Mono Fiber in the Istanbul Precast  Sector

Besides aesthetic appeal, durability is also sought for housing or private structures. Providing energy savings with thermal insulation is among the most important features of Precast . In addition to this, the mono fiber structure also makes the structure resistant to earthquakes. In the Istanbul Precast  sector, the place of mono fiber ensures that it is much more taken into account and used due to this feature.

For our country located within the earthquake zone, some institutions and residential structures may require documents such as earthquake resistance reports. The structure within the Mono Fiber provides Precast  products with resistance to earthquakes, harsh impacts in adverse weather conditions, and wind. With its flexible structure, it also reduces the damage rate much more.

Construction works can sometimes be carried out in adverse weather conditions. While other construction materials may be at risk of damage during this process, Precast  products can be processed under any conditions thanks to their fiber structure. Being both durable and time-saving is the most contributing feature of the Istanbul Precast  sector.

Istanbul Precast  Prices

Precast  products, which add aesthetic appeal and durability to every structure they are used in, are also very important building materials for the urban fabric. Many people prefer Precast  systems’ modern appearance, which includes parts of the city’s culture, rather than plain and simple structures.

Precast  processes can be utilized in many areas such as gardens, parking lots, hospitals, official institutions, educational institutions, residential areas, metro stations, providing a modern appearance.

Precast  facade cladding works can vary both in terms of the method and the area where the process is applied. Since this situation is entirely a matter of demand preference, Precast  facade prices cannot be determined with a single evaluation.

If you want to get the most accurate information about Istanbul Precast  prices and examine aesthetic, modern Precast  products for your building area, you can contact us.

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