Ankara Precast

The precast, one of the new concrete systems used in basic structure construction and exterior applications, adds strength, insulation, and aesthetic appeal to the structures it is applied to. Moreover, the ability of precast to be applied in any season provides significant advantages in construction projects.

These endeavors are observable in cities with diverse seasonal characteristics, contributing to the increasing production and preference for precast. Precast works in Ankara are evaluated for use in various structures, including official, artistic, and residential areas within the city.

Ankara PreCast Applications

Within precast applications, this product can be applied in various structures in Ankara. With the abundance of official buildings, educational institutions, and art establishments in the city, precast applications can be seen in a wide range of architectural styles within the urban area. Precast cornices, used as a motif and shaping method, can be tailored to suit these different architectural styles.

Ankara is also one of the places where precast is most commonly used as exterior cladding. Precast, used against weather conditions, also provides savings through sound and thermal insulation. Apart from official institutions like the Energy Market Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, examples of precast applications in Ankara include residential projects like Tim Towers and commercial ventures like the Ekpet Construction Office.

Our Ankara Precast Products

Ankara precast applications are preferred for both basic structure construction and exterior cladding. Looking at the precast products used in these structures, we can see that Arched and Keystone Stones, Sill Windows with Sills, Corner Coverings, Floor Trims, Entrance Arcades and Pediments, and Shell Facade Cladding Panels are mostly preferred. For aesthetic purposes, Door Thresholds, Special Design Facade Elements, and Thermal Insulation Facade Cladding Panels are also chosen.

Ankara Precast and Mono Fiber

Another feature of the precast system is its flexibility, particularly evident in the Mono Fiber system, which is primarily applied in the foundational stages of construction projects.

This system provides resilience against earthquakes and impacts that may occur in adverse weather conditions. Weather conditions are one of the most common challenges in construction projects, but precast usage can overcome these obstacles effectively.

In cities like Ankara with harsh climates, precast production and applications for both foundational and exterior cladding purposes can proceed without being affected by weather conditions.

Ankara Precast Prices

The precast system undoubtedly holds significance in construction, landscaping, and urban architecture. When we look from past to present, alongside structural integrity, attention has also been paid to aesthetic enhancement. Precast represents a system that combines both aspects effectively.

There is no single evaluation criterion for pricing regarding this application, as Ankara precast prices can be determined based on factors such as the area of use and preferred techniques. For accurate information about processes and prices, feel free to contact our company.

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