İzmir Precast

Precast, one of the types of exterior cladding, is currently one of the most preferred materials. With its features and advantages, it continues to be applied in different areas. Precast exterior cladding is a work that can adapt to all natural conditions while also providing savings in terms of insulation. At this point, important works have been carried out in many buildings with Izmir precast applications, providing durable structures along with an aesthetic appearance to the city.

Izmir Precast Facade Solutions

Responding to every taste and need, precast offers easy application in large structures. In Izmir, which stands out with its advanced structures, the fastest and most practical solution to facade cladding needs is provided with precast applications.

So, what is precast, which has seen increasing demand in recent years? Precast is a type of concrete that performs better than conventional concrete, containing fiberglass, silica sand, white cement, water, and chemical additives. Applications in Izmir precast facade solutions are carried out in different stages.

  • In the first step, the project stage, a drawing and design are obtained first. At this stage, measurements and drawings are prepared in detail, and processes are carried out on paper.
  • In the production stage, mold works and precast raw materials are prepared. In this process, the most suitable molds are used according to the needs of the project.
  • In the assembly stage, the parts produced in the factory are brought to the construction site where precast facade cladding application will be done by transport vehicles. In this stage, facade elements are assembled layer by layer.
  • In the silicone stage, silicone application is carried out by leaving gaps between the facade elements. The reason for the gaps is to provide space for movement between the panels in case of an earthquake or any tremor.
  • In the final step, the painting stage, the facade is finalized, and the work is delivered.

Our Izmir Precast Products

Beonsan, which carries out studies to realize all desired designs, continues to make significant contributions in many areas. In this context, when looking at the precast products offered;

  • Door frames,
  • Columns and column capitals,
  • Arched and keyed window precasts,
  • Planters and vases,
  • Balustrades and balustrade supports,
  • Shell facade cladding panels,
  • Islamic forms

It is possible to examine more detailed products and works with the precast catalog that includes precast applications.

Izmir Exterior Cladding

The precast technique used in the production of exterior panels achieves results beyond expectations. Exterior designs created with Izmir precast facade solutions appeal to the eye while also offering long-lasting use with its durable structure. Thanks to easy installation processes, desired shapes and motifs can be easily applied to buildings in Izmir exterior cladding works.

Precast applications are preferred in exterior cladding, and in this preference, the advantages of application hold an important place. Precast produced in a factory environment has a very high craftsmanship quality. In addition, precast concrete, which is easily assembled due to its lightweight structure, provides durability against conditions such as wind, rain, and earthquakes. Beonsan, which stands out among Izmir exterior cladding companies, continues to sign successful works with precast applications.

Izmir Precast Prices

Compared to conventional concrete applications, precast concrete, which is increasingly preferred worldwide, is becoming more widespread in our country as well. Beonsan, with Izmir precast applications leading the way, along with Istanbul precast and Ankara precast applications, continues to make a name for itself in this field.

Izmir exterior cladding prices have a more favorable price range compared to the costs of conventional methods used. By contacting Beonsan, which realizes the most successful applications in terms of price performance among Izmir precast companies, you can get more detailed information about Izmir precast prices.

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