Bursa Precast

Precast concrete, which is used not only for exterior facades but also in areas like landscaping, has become increasingly prominent in recent years. Precast applications, where eye-catching designs are realized departing from traditional styles, continue in Bursa.

Bursa, known for its greenery, cultural richness, and advanced facilities, sees precast applications in the external cladding of significant structures. You can examine project examples of Bursa precast applications on our website and get detailed information.

Our Bursa Precast Products

Precast concrete applied for structures with designs suitable for the city’s atmosphere in Bursa stands out with its durable structure. This material, produced in the factory, is considerably lighter than traditional concrete and can be easily transported to the work area. Some examples of Bursa precast products, encountered in many important structures, include:

  • Door jambs,
  • Arched and keyed window precasts,
  • Railings and balustrades,
  • Islamic forms,
  • Custom-designed facade elements,
  • Shell facade cladding panels,
  • Insulated facade cladding panels.

These products, which can be seen in many applications, continue to enhance the aesthetics of the city in Bursa.

What Are the Advantages of Precast?

Precast applications, especially used in exterior cladding works, are known for providing many advantages. The structural properties of precast concrete offer both aesthetic and functional advantages to the structures where this application is present. Among the advantages of pre-cast:

  • Precast facade cladding can be produced in countless patterns and textures to cater to every taste.
  • Precast concrete, which uses high-alkali glass fibers, stands out with its durability.
  • It is waterproof and fire-resistant, making it durable against challenging conditions.
  • With its thin shell thickness and lightness, it does not create weight on the building’s exterior.
  • It offers the possibility of being produced in different sizes.
  • It is resistant to severe winds and earthquakes.

Bursa Precast and Mono Fiber

Projects realized with Bursa precast applications stand out with both their designs and durable structures. Exterior claddings with custom designs also have the property of providing insulation against heat and sound.

Mono fiber, used not only in Bursa but also in many major cities in Turkey, continues to offer vital advantages in building constructions in our earthquake-prone country. The ease it provides in production, transportation, and assembly stages shows that precast will have an important place in future exterior cladding applications as it does today.

Bursa Precast Applications

Precast concrete, reinforced with glass fiber, contains silica sand, white cement, water, and some chemical components. The resulting mixture, with its flexibility and durability, is used in various construction projects.

Precast, renowned worldwide, continues to be widely preferred in our country in recent years, and we also see examples of this application in Bursa. Beonsan, which has successful works under Bursa precast applications, creates designs that enrich according to customer demands. The Business Bursa project completed in 2014 is one of the finest examples of these applications.

Bursa Precast Prices

Precast concrete prepared for exterior cladding applications differs from traditional concrete. It can be said that these differences are reflected in the price table. Bursa precast prices vary according to various details, and among the factors affecting prices are the characteristics of the construction site where the application will be made.

In addition, the location of the site and the special designs requested for the application affect prices. Creating special design molds and the need for different molds can increase the cost. For more detailed information about precast prices, you can contact our company.

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