Kocaeli Precast

Precast facade and precast concrete processes, which we see during different procedures in every city, add aesthetic appeal and durability to the structures. The production and application of precast without being affected by weather conditions further emphasizes its importance. Besides providing sturdy and aesthetic structures, it also ensures no time loss during the processes.

In Kocaeli, one of the favorite cities with its nature suitable for both summer and winter holidays, as well as its combination of industry and tourism, precast works can be observed in various structures. If you want to examine Kocaeli precast works in more detail, you can visit our website.

Our Kocaeli Precast Products

The city of Kocaeli accommodates many structures such as historical, industrial, sports, and tourism. Within this diversity, various forms can be seen in buildings. In Izmit precast works, procedures are primarily carried out to ensure the durability of the structure. In this regard, precast concrete processes are frequently preferred in this region.

Considering the earthquake disaster the city experienced in the past, precast mono fiber feature is utilized in the improvement of old buildings and the construction of new ones. Additionally, there are facilities for summer and winter tourism, universities, and public institutions in the city. Precast processes tailored to each structure are carried out.

Special Design Facade Elements are mostly made for residential and public institutions. Insulated Facade Cladding Panels can also be added to new or existing buildings. Besides these,

Shell Facade Cladding Panels, Floor Trims, Arched and Keyed Window Precasts, Corner Claddings, Entrance Arches and Pediments, and Buttresses and Knee Walls can be preferred for structures in Kocaeli.

Kocaeli Precast Applications

In Kocaeli, where there are numerous mass housing, public institution, or convention center buildings, processes such as precast cladding aimed at insulation are often seen.

This application is used not only in private residences but also in public or commercial buildings. Desired savings are provided with features such as insulation and soundproofing. In addition to the city’s industrial and tourism potential, precast cornice and concrete processes are also applied in these areas. Moreover, for public or private enterprises, precast facade drawings are also made.

Kocaeli Precast Assembly

Custom molds can be created for each structure in precast processes. When starting the procedures, the dimensions and other processes for the structure are determined first. After the products specially prepared in the factory are produced, they are transported to the construction site using mobile or fixed cranes.

To prepare the products for processing, they are coated with zinc to prevent minor wear. Then, precast processes are applied in the structure. If there are any empty spaces, they are filled with materials such as silicone and filler. Assembly processes are completed with the desired colors.

Kocaeli Precast Exterior Cladding

Precast exterior cladding can vary within desired forms. Various exterior processes such as Floor Trims, Buttresses and Knee Walls, or Arched and Keyed Window Precasts can be seen. One of the latest works in this regard in Kocaeli is the Kocaeli International Convention Center, which can be examined. The existing structure, processed with a simple and aesthetic appearance, has been made more durable with additions.

Kocaeli Precast Facade Prices

Different materials and processes are used in construction. Precast is one of the new concrete systems of today. This process, which can be seen in every area from the foundation to the exterior of the structure, provides time savings, insulation, and soundproofing, and creates sturdy structures with its mono-fiber structure.

Since the preferred processes vary, precast facade prices can also vary in different proportions. In some structures, processing may be carried out in a certain area, so for precast facade square meter prices, you can start a consulting process based on the specifications of your structure. For this, you can contact our company, ask questions about precast processes and prices.

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