Antalya Precast

Precast, one of today’s most important concrete systems that adds aesthetics and durability to construction, can be produced under all weather conditions. With this feature, it can be preferred in all cities for various purposes.

While it may be preferred for insulation purposes in some cities, in others, it is more commonly chosen for aesthetic appearance and durability in buildings. We can see that it is used for insulation and aesthetic appearance purposes in constructions in Antalya, one of Turkey’s cities with many beauties. You can examine examples of precast applications in Antalya on our website.

Our Antalya Precast Applications

Each city has its own architectural style. The climatic features it possesses can also affect this architectural structure. We have heard that the influence of wind increases significantly in winter months in Antalya, one of the cities with the highest temperatures in our country. In such a city with two different climate features, priority can be given to durability and insulation in construction.

For this purpose, precast exterior cladding options are preferred in the procedures. With this process, the best insulation for both summer and winter is provided, and a sturdy structure is built against adverse weather conditions.

Our Antalya Precast Products

In the precast processes carried out specifically in Antalya, aesthetic appearance is aimed for besides insulation and durability. At the same time, many businesses and institutions in the tourism city of Antalya have been given special architectural forms with precast cornice processes for this purpose.

While the precast process applied for the city’s climatic features is Insulated Facade Cladding Panels, precast concrete process is applied for a sturdy foundation of the structure. For the exterior, we can see processes such as Floor Trims, Corner Claddings, Arched and Keyed Window Precasts, Entrance Arches and Pediments, Buttresses and Knee Walls, Balustrades, Railings, Balconies, and Door Thresholds in Antalya.

While some of these applications are on the exterior, others are used for decorative purposes in interior areas such as door and wall designs, railing and staircase areas, or items such as vases.

Antalya Precast and Mono Fiber

The durability of precast comes from its mono-fiber feature. This feature protects the precast product against hard impacts in construction.

The mono-fiber structure makes the precast-clad structure both earthquake-resistant and wind-resistant, while also providing insulation. Considering these features, we can understand that it is a very special and powerful concrete system suitable for any purpose. In Antalya specifically, all needs such as aesthetic appearance, durability, and resistance to wind are met with precast applications.

Antalya Precast Prices

With the advancement of technology, very important systems are being used in construction. Pre-cast processes, which we could see in some buildings in the past, are still being used and developed today. Whether in the concrete construction of the building or as precast facades in outdoor areas, the system you choose will add both strength and aesthetic appearance to your living space.

To have various beautiful processes applied to your businesses or residences and to get information about Antalya precast prices, you can contact our company.

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