Precast Exterior Wall Design

The precast processes, which particularly enhance the aesthetic appearance as exterior facade design on structures, can be preferred for all types of residences.

Whether it’s a house, a villa, or office buildings, precast exterior facade design can be tailored to any style and infrastructure. At BEONSAN, initially, 3D visualizations are created to present the closest designs to your project for your approval. By refining these projects, you can quickly start with the desired design.

Styles of Precast Facade Design

In precast applications providing the desired facade design for every living space, the dimensions of your living area are first determined for exterior facade designs. It can also be used on areas built from scratch if desired. Since precast provides much functionality in thinner and lighter forms, opting for it at the beginning of construction can be much more advantageous.

Various applications exist in precast facade design. In villa facade design models seen in more modern styles, flat options can be preferred. However, you can also draw attention to an aesthetic appearance with door or window lintel applications if desired. On the other hand, for office exterior facade designs and building exterior facade designs, simpler designs can be added.

During the formation stage of any building facade designs, a project drawing is carried out according to the users’ desires and needs. Then, the manufacturing and application phase follows.

Stages of Precast Design Service

We often see precast facade designs within multiple projects. Companies constructing numerous residences resort to precast exterior facade options to create both modern and functional living spaces.

In this process, the design phase of the job is much more important. In the first stage of the question of how exterior facade design is done, the initial meeting is held with companies or individuals. After decisions are made regarding budget information and desired style, facade design processes begin.

How Does the Precast Facade Design Process Work?

The firm responsible for designing and manufacturing precast meets with individuals and companies and begins to produce materials for suitable molds according to the chosen style. Some structures may have very different requests during this process.

For example, in modern villa exterior facade designs, applications such as lintels, which will add aesthetics even in small areas, or some applications in landscaping such as stairs or railings may be added. The process is completed with the drawings and manufacturing in molds.

Precast 3D Visualization

After the desired facade designs are determined, 3D visualization studies are carried out by the company. Here, a project design close to reality is created. Individuals or companies can see even the smallest details of the project here.

Thus, the desired designs are achieved at the end of the project. As in all fields, 3D visualization provides great convenience to users and manufacturing companies in precast facade designs. The biggest factor in having professional work is project drawings.

Beonsan for Precast Facade Design

At Beonsan, working with a professional team for exterior facade designs, a design can be realized according to every taste and different residential areas. You can either redesign your living spaces or incorporate this process into your new residences from scratch.

Precast exterior facade design prices can be determined according to dimensions. You can contact our company to get the most accurate information.

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