Gaziantep Precast

Precast, one of the next-generation concrete systems that can be preferred in both new constructions and existing buildings, enhances every area it is used in to be more robust and aesthetic. It has become a favorite system for users due to its ability to be more cost-effective compared to other systems.

While preserving the architectural cultures of cities, it also contributes with various applications. With Precast applications in Gaziantep, it is very advantageous to achieve more robust structures with designs according to the architectural culture of the region without disrupting the city’s texture.

Gaziantep Precast Prices

Like in any field, there are certain criteria for pricing a job, and the same applies to Precast. As mentioned above, it is a wide field in terms of application services and offered products. The dimensions of the areas where these applications are applied, materials used besides Precast, assembly, and many other processes determine Precast prices.

This system, which can be used in many areas such as private residences, recreational areas, official institutions, transportation areas, provides advantages in terms of durability and aesthetics. Since the square meter measurement of each structure will differ, there will also be a difference in prices for Precast.

In this regard, if you want to benefit from Precast for your special or personal building projects, or for insulation-related needs, you can contact our company to obtain more detailed information about Gaziantep Precast prices and application services.

At Beonsan, a 3D Visualization service can also be provided for projects upon request. This way, you can have an idea of how your projects will look before starting panel production.

Our Gaziantep Precast Services

When it comes to Precast, various construction and application stages can be mentioned. The products used in buildings are obtained through the Precast manufacturing process. They are produced in the most robust forms with all the necessary equipment in the factory environment.

The panels obtained with the molds required for the applications desired by users are then used in buildings through Precast assembly services. Here, there are services that users can choose according to different needs. Processes such as Precast facade cladding, Precast exterior design, or Precast insulation panels can be performed in exterior areas.

While there are heat-insulated Precast facade panels for insulation needs, Precast cornice service can be preferred for aesthetic arrangements.

Our Gaziantep Precast Products

In every process made according to needs such as facade design, insulation, or cornice, desired shapes can be obtained with the molds. In addition to traditional architectural molds, modern and contemporary ready-made molds can also be included here. There are also many options for Precast products. In the list of products that can be preferred within the scope of Gaziantep Precast service, there are:

  • Door thresholds
  • Cornices
  • Monoblock Window and Door Precasts
  • Corner coverings
  • Column capitals
  • Precast Columns
  • Corbels
  • Sill Window Precasts
  • Shell Facade Cladding Panels
  • Islamic Forms
  • Planters and Vases
  • Custom Design Facade Elements.
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