Konya Precast

Precast construction processes can be preferred at various stages in the field of construction. Especially in newly constructed buildings, concrete structure systems are primarily added to projects with insulation, aesthetics, and durability features.

With its advantageous feature in the production stage, precast is also preferred in cities with different climate characteristics. In Konya, it is preferred in various areas such as residential or government buildings, business centers, educational centers, and transportation buildings. The architectural characteristics unique to the city can also be easily transferred to precast structures with simple processes.

Konya Precast Services

The precast system can be preferred according to different needs in every structure. In Konya, processes such as cornices, precast steps, and precast beams are frequently chosen for aesthetic needs in this regard.

Due to the increasing population in Konya, which is one of the most cultural cities in the country historically, there may be a need for new buildings. Precast facade cladding or concrete systems are also frequently used in mass housing or private projects. The most suitable precast processes for structures are included in the project according to requests from individuals or companies.

After the production stage, the mold and carcass system are prepared and applied in the most robust manner. It is also a system that can be applied to old structures if desired.

Konya Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding can have special processes for Konya. Values such as the city’s history and unique architectural structure can be preferred in new residential and buildings to be built. In terms of aesthetics, processes such as Konya cornice applications can be included in the building, such as door and window sills.

In addition, the Thermal Insulation Facade Cladding process provides insulation and protection in terms of heat, sound, and impact. Among exterior cladding processes, modern versions of processes such as Floor Sills with Arched and Keyed Stones, Sills with Window Precasts, Corner Coverings, Entrance Arcades and Pediments, and Buttresses and Knee Walls can be seen.

Konya Precast Products

The primary precast products preferred in structures in Konya are:

  • GRC Shell Panels
  • Sun Breakers
  • Insulated Facade Panel System
  • Special Design Facade Elements
  • Door jambs

Apart from these processes, different processes can also be applied according to requests and suitability. Precast exists in basic concrete stages apart from exterior cladding in Konya. With its alkali-resistant fiberglass material content, precast in mono-fiber structure makes concrete systems much more durable.

Konya Precast Prices

Precast processes require professionalism and meticulous work from the beginning to the application stage. It offers the highest quality structure as an alternative to needs such as cornices or exterior cladding. In this regard, the increasing demand for precast can also be met with BEONSAN’s professional processes.

Examples of previous works done can give you an idea among options as Konya cornice manufacturers or Konya cornice companies. You can check our website for sample works including many processes such as cornices or exterior cladding. If you want to include precast processes in your structures and get detailed information about precast facade prices, you can contact our company.

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