Buttress and Knee Brace

In architecture, especially in structures such as mezzanines or oriels, which are referred to as projecting sections, buttresses and corbels are used to support them from below, and they can be made with different materials.

When we look at our architectural culture, we see this technique particularly in wooden buildings. In processes preferred with concrete, much more aesthetic forms can be obtained with precast. Moreover, the strength provided by the buttresses with this method is also increased.

With the materials contained in precast, better support is provided to the structures, and it also provides an additional advantage in thermal insulation. At Beonsan, you can choose very pleasant architectural effects for your structures with these processes.

Applications of Buttresses in Precast Processes

In our culture, especially until a recent period, the projecting sections known as oriels in wooden houses have amazed everyone who sees them. Over time, with the increasing preference for concrete instead of wood in building materials, these sections also began to be constructed in accordance with this form.

We can first consider the oriels in the question of what is a buttress. Oriels are the parts of the buildings that protrude towards the street side as an extension of the window section of the structures. The aesthetic forms used for support purposes just below them are called buttresses or, with another type, corbels.

Since any desired mold can be manufactured in precast, all preferences are left to you in terms of design in applications such as buttresses. The options are wide. In structures using options such as mezzanines and oriels, you can use these elements with delicate details in their appearance using buttress soffits.

Aesthetics Offered by Precast in Knee Braces

Actually, buttresses and corbels are similar structural elements. A structure can be created entirely by considering these elements when desired. However, in some structures, adding floors later is also possible.

The protrusions outward on upper floors, together with corbels, provide a more pleasant appearance. Otherwise, the appearance of a projecting floor with a plain design does not look very appealing. In short, we can say that buttresses and corbels are a saving aesthetic element in structures. Whether you execute this process with a plain mold buttress or prefer patterns on the molds, even in the smallest areas, aesthetic applications can be made with precast soffits.

Beonsan Services in Precast Buttresses and Knee Braces

Buttresses are among the exterior cladding processes. In precast exterior cladding applications, such past practices continue to be preferred today without losing their aesthetic and effectiveness. Another service offered by Beonsan for processes like buttresses is 3D visualization.

With this application, the design of buttresses is decided, and a digital preview of the structure is created. You can have a better idea of how buttresses or corbels will appear in precast facade cladding. Once approved, the manufacturing of molds is completed, and these applications are transferred to your structures with professional processes. If you would like more detailed information about the processes, you can contact our company.

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