Corner Coverings

Different designs can be implemented in every aspect of a structure. An example of this is the corner stones. In this method, also known as corner cladding, exterior cladding designs are achieved with a much more pleasing appearance.

This method is also utilized in corner soffit processes in precast exterior cladding applications. This contributes to the insulation of the structure. Additionally, corner cladding can be done in any desired design. These designs are transferred to molds within the desired architectural forms and created with precast. Designs created by Beonsan’s productive and creative team undergo careful and professional molding and curing processes in the factory environment.

Decorative Precast Corner Claddings

One of the options that make buildings look much more aesthetic, exterior corner stones, is actually one of the architectural forms that we frequently encounter in our daily lives. Thanks to this method, which is mostly seen at the corners where two walls meet, you can also provide support for sound and thermal insulation.

The aesthetic of corner stones can also be utilized in columns that provide support under balconies in multi-story buildings. It is entirely up to your imagination in terms of preference. If it will be a commercial-style residence, corner claddings can also be preferred in interior spaces. Of course, this is only an optional choice. You can also use them in interior spaces in your own residences.

Advantages Offered by Precast in Corner Claddings

The precast process not only provides aesthetics but also advantages in terms of insulation and durability to every structure it is applied to. Moreover, elements requiring more detailed workmanship can also provide the same contribution.

Soffit models may be more decorative in nature, but they echo the advantages offered by precast in terms of the areas where they are installed on the structure. We can also use corner claddings in precast facade cladding processes. Here, the quality of the materials contained in precast and professional workmanship come to the fore.

With the use of precast in corner claddings, advantages such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, design variety, lower cost, being a lightweight decorative object, and easy assembly can be mentioned.

Exclusive Stylish Corner Cladding Processes by Beonsan

The companies you choose while creating your structures are a determinant of the quality and aesthetics of the job.

Beonsan, which has signed important projects in many cities of Turkey with its experienced and creative team, also brings out the most pleasing designs in corner claddings. Before starting processes in your structures or projects, you can visually preview them with the 3D visualization option. You can closely examine the details to be used in precast facade and create the design you have in mind for all precast soffit processes with adjustments.

By adding these processes to corners along with the lintel, a very decorative structure is created. For processes that require more detailed craftsmanship and professionalism, you can contact the Beonsan team.

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