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Thanks to its special molds, precast, which provides the strongest and most aesthetic structure among the new generation concrete systems, also allows for desired architectural forms in special design facade preferences.

You have the opportunity to choose from various architectural forms such as Roman, Renaissance, Turkish, etc. in precast mold designs. Islamic forms are also among the special precast facade processes that can be preferred in precast processes. You can choose mold designs suitable for Islamic architecture as soffit applications in the interior or exterior of buildings.

Similarly, in special projects, you can achieve the desired appearance in houses with Islamic forms, and arrange the landscape area with Islamic molds for decorative objects.

Precast Applications Suitable for Islamic Architecture

Islamic architecture continues to exert its influence over a wide geographical area. Throughout history, it has evolved with cultural influences from every region it has reached, resulting in very different outcomes.

You can see Islamic structures not only in places of worship but also in residences, landscape areas, and many other areas. In precast soffit applications, special molds are produced for almost every area such as columns, vases, stair steps, floor trims, column capitals, corbels, railings, window and door edges, and window sills.

Precast production is carried out with these molds. Precast concrete mainly refers to the basic structure. However, even here, processes can be carried out considering the Islamic forms in the designs of the foundation.

Islamic Precast Forms in Exterior Facades

Architecturally, different forms can vary depending on geographical influence. The materials used differ according to the climate and topographic features of the region. In Islamic architecture, arrangements have been made considering dry and hot climates.

Islamic architectural forms, which can now be seen in a much wider and diverse geography, have developed according to both cold and hot climates. Precast is the concrete system that provides a sturdy structure and aesthetic appearance in both senses. In precast facade cladding processes, you can achieve the desired design according to Islamic forms. With precast’s high resistance to impact, water, and wind, you can also provide thermal insulation.

Islamic Precast Services Offered by Beonsan

There is mold technology in precast where you can convey every detail you imagine in terms of design. In addition to precast panels, desired molds for exterior facade designs with intricate and very small details can be obtained in a short time.

Moreover, precast production is a special system that can be carried out in all seasons and can be assembled on your structures regardless of weather conditions. Every part produced in detail in Islamic forms can be carefully transferred to your structures. It provides a safer use in your buildings thanks to the steel carcass system.

It creates healthy living spaces for many years without being affected by impacts and weather conditions. If you want to choose Islamic forms in your precast processes with Beonsan, you can contact our company.

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