Precast Floor Moldings

Various processes can be used to create a decorative appearance in buildings where pre-cast is used. One of these methods is the use of pre-cast band courses to simply separate floors in terms of appearance on the exterior facade. The band course design can be quickly applied to the structure. With Beonsan, you can choose this method for your buildings with the most elegant designs.

General Features of Band Courses

The most robust and aesthetic forms are used with pre-cast on the exterior of your buildings. Despite being thinner compared to other methods, the pre-cast form, which is more durable, offers much more.

For example, in pre-cast soffit processes, we can see stages where more decorative motifs are incorporated. Besides window or door surrounds, this feature is also utilized in the band course stage. In brief, if we were to explain what band courses are, it is actually a building application that everyone frequently encounters. It is a method used on the exterior facade according to the division process between floors.

The same content as pre-cast is used for curing in band courses obtained with the pre-cast method. The dimensions can be varied, such as 200×100 mm, 100×65 mm, or 200×50 mm, suitable for the structure. These are also very different in terms of design. Although this process is mostly seen in residential projects or special structures, anyone can easily request this for their own buildings.

Production and Application of Band Courses in Pre-cast

In pre-cast processes, band course applications can be preferred for an aesthetic appearance between floors. The molds for pre-cast are prepared in the same way here as well. Only the designs are slightly different in band course soffit applications. The desired molds are used in the curing process.

Caps are created in the desired design. Subsequently, pre-cast materials are cured, and pre-cast band courses are obtained through these molds. Different materials can sometimes be used in pre-cast processes. Acrylic-based plaster products can be obtained here as well.

However, it is necessary to make correct measurements during the production of these products; otherwise, it may not adhere well to the structure and may lead to issues such as moisture. The application method is also carried out with a steel carcass system.

The Most Elegant Pre-cast Band Courses on the Exterior

With pre-cast processes on the exterior of your buildings, very different aesthetic appearances can be achieved.

You can create a difference with pre-cast soffit applications in many pre-cast facade areas such as flowerpots and vases, window and door surrounds, and sills. Band courses, as well as the practical and aesthetic feature of pre-cast, can be utilized. Band courses with a processed appearance can also provide you with all the designs you dream of.

Beonsan can present you with the desired appearance in pre-cast facade stages with its 3D visualization service. You can add or correct parts you want through the project. With Beonsan team, you can create the most elegant pre-cast band courses suitable for the architectural form of your structure.

Experience the Difference of Pre-cast Band Courses with Beonsan!

To provide top-level comfort in your living spaces or workplaces, the pre-cast method, which offers you more than you expected, becomes even more noticeable with professionals.

In Beonsan, where experienced, creative, and meticulous team brings to life all the processes you dream of for your buildings in many stages such as pre-cast facade cladding or pre-cast concrete, pre-cast band courses also offer the most elegant forms. You can contact our company to get detailed information about pre-cast processes and band courses.

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