Precast Flower Pots and Vases

There are different processing privileges for precast to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Soffit processes can be used in both enclosed and open areas of your buildings. Precast concrete pots and vases are also one of these processes.

Users who want to design flower beds for garden landscaping can benefit from aesthetic precast flower bed products that exhibit high resistance to weather conditions and impacts. These products can also be preferred as vases in interior spaces with the desired dimensions. Alternatively, for accommodations or official buildings, they can be produced as large-sized pots. Similar to precast facade cladding processes, decorative processes like these also allow for the creation of very elegant and sturdy products.

Decorative Precast Soffit Processes

We know soffit processes as edges on the doors, windows, and entrance areas of buildings, especially on the exteriors. The material designed here adds a much more aesthetic appearance to the building. We mostly see these applications in the decorative processes area.

Although not directly used in the structure, precast pot and vase productions are also utilized in stages such as landscape architecture. They contribute to a pleasant and spacious appearance to the preferred areas. Typically, they meet the need for relaxation in recreational areas with precast concrete seating elements. In addition to seating, pots or vases are also used in areas where flowers are preferred. These products, along with the materials contained within precast, are resistant to weather conditions and impacts. They are produced in desired molds and are easy to transport.

Advantages of Precast in Pot and Vase Design

We have seen large pots for planting in some interior areas of buildings. The advantages provided by precast in the production and design of such products are much greater compared to other building materials.

Excellent aesthetic design and texture are achieved for precast landscape elements. While panels are mainly used in exterior structural areas during production, the perfect design of precast is also utilized for desired decorative products of the buildings. Molds are prepared for the desired designs. With the advantage of production in terms of color and size, desired products can be obtained. These products are commonly seen in hotel and restaurant lobbies, lounges of large villas, garden areas, and recreational areas. Large pots, which are often chosen to complement the entrance arches and pediments, create very aesthetic appearances in outdoor spaces.

Decorative Precast Applications at Beonsan

A very solid form is obtained with GRC in both the foundation and the exterior of a building. The use of precast is not limited to these alone. Precast cladding processes are also utilized in pots, vases, and seating elements.

At Beonsan, the most aesthetic designs are created for such requests. 3D visualization processes can also be presented to customers before the production stage. Depending on the characteristics of your building area, you can create your living spaces with other processes as well. You can contact our company for all processes and details, and start experiencing the advantages of precast.

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