Shell Facade Cladding Panels

Precast, which is increasingly in demand among next-generation concrete systems, provides aesthetics, durability, time, and space savings to structures. Wall cladding processes used to require more labor and time with previous methods.

The thick panels used to add extra load to the structure. However, with the Precast facade cladding method, this issue has been eliminated. In the Precast cladding process, the exterior of the building is created without the need for a wall construction process. The same applies to shell facade cladding panels.

Shell Facade Systems

Precast facade and shell facade cladding processes, which offer advantageous procedures in every aspect of wall cladding panels, are also carried out. During the shell facade cladding process, Precast procedures are performed.

After the completion of the shell Precast facade, processes such as Precast soffit, Precast shell, and buttress are applied according to your preferences. After the facade panels are made, a partition process is applied to the walls. Division processes are carried out on the panels according to the preferred design, and soffit-like processes are also performed. This process allows for different designs to be obtained at various points on the structure.

Processes in Shell Facade Cladding

With Precast procedures, a thinner and lighter cladding option is offered on the structure. This situation not only eliminates unnecessary loads on the structure but also offers many advantages for both the company and the users. Firstly, the panels can be made and installed on the structure in a very short time.

Division processes in the desired dimensions are also performed on these Precast wall panels according to the user’s preferred design. Desired soffits, buttresses, sill cuts, or special facade processes can be performed on each partition. These structures also benefit from insulated facade cladding. In other words, shell facade Precast panels can provide savings along with a different architectural style.

Facade Cladding Panels Providing Aesthetics and Savings

Precast is a highly durable concrete system containing alkali-resistant fiberglass, white cement, and silica sand. The form thicknesses are thinner than other systems, allowing for a strong, aesthetic feature without overloading the structure. Shell facade cladding panels also utilize systems with thicknesses ranging from 18-22 cm.

Since partition processes will be applied to shell facades, the skeletal structure, namely the steel frame, is adjusted accordingly. With steel anchors and halfen channels, the structure is securely anchored. You can contact our company for your Precast facade cladding projects.

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