Special Design Façade Elements

Precast, which is one of the best choices for those who want to step outside of the standards, also provides differentiation for those who prefer this method in terms of design. With special design facade elements, construction is completed with the strongest and most aesthetic facade elements according to the designs you choose.

With Precast concrete processing, you can achieve the solidity you add to your structure, and with special design facade applications in Precast facades, you can choose the artistic design you desire. You can benefit from these in every stage and area on the exterior facade with the special design facade systems offered by Precast. Beonsan also offers services such as 3D visualization, presenting the design you want before the processes for your approval.

Decorative Precast Facade Applications

In Precast exterior cladding applications that will add aesthetics to your structures, you can choose the designs you want and use them in many areas such as doors, windows, and steps.

In addition to Precast cladding facades as panels, you can see them more in Precast soffit processes, which emphasize the aesthetic aspect of the job. In preferred applications on the exterior facade such as column capitals, cornices, corner claddings, balustrades, railings, brackets, brackets, stairs, pots and vases, entrance arches, and pediments, you can determine the most special designs. Precast is not only durable but also provides specific designs for your structure.

Durable and Custom Precast Designs for Your Structure

For your own buildings or housing projects, you can appeal to those who seek differentiation with special designs you determine. In this system, which is subject to a simple process, Precast molds are drawn in this direction and production begins based on the designs you want to have in the exterior facade area before the project.

Moreover, special design facade elements also help in terms of insulation, sound insulation, and durability of the building. Besides the special processes you want in the design, you can easily maintain and clean these products. Due to its content, Precast is also resistant to impacts and situations such as water and wind, making it easy to clean.

Custom Precast Facade Processes with BEONSAN

In Beonsan, which has proven itself in the Precast field and has made a name for itself with the structures it has built so far, you can choose your own designs in Precast facade cladding processes.

You can use these on the exterior facade of your existing buildings or choose these processes in a new project you will start from scratch. It also provides an advantage for users not to burden the building with extra weight and makes living spaces more reliable. If you need professional support from special facade design to Precast mold production and assembly, you can contact our company to get more detailed information about the processes.

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